Welcome to Midori Baker PH 🌱
Making delicious guilt-free bread and pastries with a Japanese touch!

All items are plant-based and vegan-friendly 🌸

How to order:

Step 1 - Place your order on our form.

Step 2 - Send a DM on our Instagram at @midoribakerph or Facebook Messenger at "Midori Baker PH" to confirm your order.

Step 3 - Once confirmed, we will keep in touch until your Oishi (Yummy) Bakes arrives at your doorstep!
What would you like to buy?
Classic Floof Pan
Plain Floof Pan
Peanut Butter Kinako Floof Pan
Belgian Chocolate Floof Pan
Cookie Butter Floof Pan
Coffee Floof Pan
Butter Floof
Savory Floof Pan
Garlic Butter Floof
Classic Focaccia Floof (8x12)
Cream Buns
Chocolate Cream Buns
Ube Cream Buns
Coffee Cream Buns
Matcha Cream Buns
Melonpan (4 per box)
Choco Chip Melonpan (4 per box)
Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies (6 Cookies per box)
Classic Oatmeal Cookies (6 Cookies per box)
Cinnamon Roll
Matcha Cinnamon Roll
Plain Cinnamon Roll

Midori Baker is closed for now but we'll be back soon!